Welcome to the AWLA. 




The approved minutes from past meetings will now be located in the secured documents area

The Board would like to announce that we have a new treasurer.

Welcome to the Board Russell Rice and Sarah Crandall we thank you for your service.

We are off to a less than stellar start with snow removal this year.  Our development is plowed by a VDOT contractor.  If they are not doing their job please call the number listed below. The only way VDOT finds out if a contractor is not doing their job is from our polite complaints.  I think we can all agree that short of a major blizzard our streets should see attention the day of the storm. Calling works.




800-367-7623 (toll-free)
711 (hearing impaired)

If you are contacting us in reference to dues invoices or HOA packet purchases please  go to the AWLA  Board of Directors page and email the treasurer directly.

Please be aware that if you wish to make any structural changes to your house, add a garage or out building, or put up a fence that you must submit and recieve approval from the Architectural Review Committee and apply to the county for proper permits.

The form is located on the Architectural Review Form Tab

  To off set the cost of printing and mailing we are accepting quarterly ads from residents of the neighborhood to advertise their businesses.  If you would be interested in advertising with us  please use the Contact us form.  Once we have pricing details we will contact you about your ad. 
Real estate agents  please be aware that regardless if a property is a regular sale, short sale or forclosure you must contact the HOA treasurer for  HOA documents and outstanding balances prior to your closing.

Reminder:    If you are selling a home located in our HOA regardless of it being through a real estate agent, sale by owner, or real estate  lawyer  an HOA packet must be purchased and all back dues must be paid before completion of the sale.  Please contact the treasurer for the packet and any outstanding balances. 

 If you are purchasing a home in our HOA make sure you have received your HOA packet and notice of any outstanding balances. These should be provided to you for your review prior to you signing your closing documents.

Help us to keep our neighborhood infrastructure in good shape..     If you are aware of potholes or over grown brush or trees that are impinging on roads or causing visibility issues  please contact VDOT though this  link  https://my.vdot.virginia.gov/  (When submitting we are in Fauquier County not the Town of Warrenton)
If you see missing, damaged or vandalized street or traffic signs please contact  Fauquier County Sherriff's office at  540 347 3300

The  AWLA Documents areas are only accessible to owners of homes within the AWLA.   A user name and password will be required to access these areas. (Submit your info through the contact page to gain access)
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