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In an attempt to deter the bear from becoming a problem  please  do not leave full garbage cans outside your house other that at the curb the night before pickup and consider taking bird feeders down at night.  


The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) has established bear guidelines

VDGIF will not trap or relocate a bear that is eating from your trash or birdfeeder. It is your responsibility to remove the attractants from your property once a bear discovers the food source. If it is unclear what is attracting the bear, VDGIF staff will help you identify the attractant so it can be removed and offer advice for deterring bears from your property.


We are off to a less than stellar start with snow removal this year.  Our development is plowed by a VDOT contractor.  If they are not doing their job please call the number listed below. The only way VDOT finds out if a contractor is not doing their job is from our polite complaints.  I think we can all agree that short of a major blizzard our streets should see attention the day of the storm. Calling works.   




800-367-7623 (toll-free)
711 (hearing impaired)