Public Access to the Common Area of The lake

Public access to the lake is available via a walking path located to the right side of Frederick Ct. The path is wood chips and proceeds down the hill where it joints the  sewer easement  road.   When you reach the sewer easement proceed to the left after a short distance you will  take a left turn uphill and that will take you to the common area.

Please remember the following items when using the common area:


Remove your trash.        (There is no disposal service in the common area)


Clean up after your dog. ( No one wants to step in your dogs waste and it 

                                          spoils the area for others)                                     


The AWLA does NOT own any docks on the water. (All docks are PRIVATE PROPERTY if you uses them without permission you are trespassing and can be arrested.) 


You may use kayaks canoes or john boats with oars or electric trolling motors.